Dice Tower
Yes, I like dice. Something about the physicality of creating your own random results in a situation add excitement, and also help keep the game grounded in the event.

Yes, I like dice.

But, one aspect of dice that you just can’t get from most other mechanics is the tension. Sometimes, you need a long shot to come back from the brink of destruction. As the die leaves your hand, you can hear a pin drop. The same when your figure is being attacked and you hope against hope that your opponent rolls badly.

It can be no less exciting in cooperative games like Eldritch Horror. I’ve had cooperative games come down to final rolls where a success will lead to victory and a failure will lead to a loss. The uncertainty can be quite enjoyable – and the resulting rush from a victory (or even loss from a failure) can be exhilarating. That tension is very hard to replicate in a purely luckless game.

via Variant: A Tribute to Dice | Giant Fire Breathing Robot.