Month: June 2007

  • NOT an iPhone simulator

    An enter­pris­ing com­pany has developed a handy little applic­a­tion that will aid web­site developers when cre­at­ing sites for Apple’s upcom­ing iPhone. But, to be clear, this is not an iPhone simulator: iPhoney is not an iPhone sim­u­lat­or but instead is designed for web developers who want to cre­ate 320 by 480 (or 480 by 320) […]

  • Kinda offline. ‘Vacation’ and kitchen demolition

    I was hop­ing I’d have more time to post reg­u­larly dur­ing my vaca­tion, but sadly, that’s not prov­ing to be the case. We’re in the midst of kit­chen demoli­tion for this and next week, in pre­par­a­tion for a new one to be installed in July. It is inter­est­ing, as we are kinda camp­ing. All our food is […]

  • Why get an iPhone when your Windows Mobile can be just as swank?

    Life­hack­er has this cool art­icle show­ing you how to pimp your Win Mobile to be all iPhoney. …you can cus­tom­ize your Win­dows Mobile phone to emu­late sev­er­al of the iPhone’s more inter­est­ing fea­tures, like the iPhone’s home screen, flick-scroll con­tacts, and the fancy slide-to-unlock. You’ll need an applic­a­tion — avail­able here, and some free time […]

  • Is this what the web is coming to?

    This is an abso­lutely amaz­ing demo of Pho­to­synth. Now this is the way inform­a­tion was meant to be presen­ted. Run, don’t walk to the Pho­to­synth web­site and install the Fire­fox plu­gin. Then write off the rest of your day. It’s a truly amaz­ing way to view photo col­lec­tions and inform­a­tion. Worth invest­ing some time explor­ing. Then […]

  • 5 reasons I won’t get an iPhone

    Cost. If the iPhone’s lis­ted prices were con­ver­ted to Cana­dian dol­lars, the iPhone would price out between $530 and $640 CAD. That’s way too much money for me to spend on a phone today. Yes it has oth­er func­tion­al­ity, but I’ve got that covered; keep reading. Con­tract & add ons. In the US there’s a […]

  • Edmonton to be blessed by his Toddness!

    Heh, sorry, could­n’t res­ist. Todd Maffin is vis­it­ing my fair city and look­ing to hook up with some tech­ies for his live, weekly, on-line TV show: My live weekly web-TV show, todbits.TV, is going on the road! This Fri­day, I’ll be broad­cast­ing live from down­town Edmon­ton at the Fair­mont Hotel MacDonald. And I’m invit­ing any­one in […]

  • iPhone super-detailed details leak

    The iPhone is due to launch on June 29th, and some folks are doing any­thing and everything to feed the hype. Looks like the Sales Train­ing Work­book has leaked. Tech­nor­ati Tags: iPhone, Leak, Apple, News, Inform­a­tion, Manu­al

  • Another free tool to make bloggers more productive

    I’m test­ing out the new build of Win­dows Live Writer, and am actu­ally lik­ing the res­ults — so far. This is the first post I’ve cre­ated using the new build. I had less suc­cess with the pre­vi­ous ver­sion, and dropped it like a hot potato: my post­ing tool of choice has been Per­form­an­cing Scri­be­Fire, but hey, […]

  • Starting an online community? Here’s a great list of things to consider.

    Over at Com­mon­Craft they’ve col­lec­ted an excel­lent list of con­sid­er­a­tions for start­ing an online com­munity. For example: Have a strong under­stand­ing of the audience Define the user — where are they now? What do they need? Make sure to have a host or “social director” Cre­ate an out­reach strategy — how will your audi­ence know about […]

  • Nifty Hack: How to circumvent a firewall with Twitter, Jaiku, Twitku using Netvibes

    Need to ‘fol­low’ your friends on Twit­ter or Jaiku, but are fire­walled? Then here’s a quick solu­tion that is work­ing for me: Set up a NetVibes account. Cre­ate a new page, setup as three column. Add the Bitty Browser mod­ule. Point that browser at the TwitKu mobile page ( ). Sign into your Twit­ter and […]

  • Corporate Blogging Policies List

    I’ve just dis­covered this extens­ive list of cor­por­ate blog­ging policies — great fod­der for those of us who work in that space. Tech­nor­ati Tags: blog, blog­ging, cor­por­ate blog­ging policy, policies, cor­por­a­tion, rules