Month: July 2007

  • Occasionally, everyone needs one…

    I was Stum­bling this even­ing and the site appeared. I’d kinda heard of this previously…and hey, it was men­tioned on Oprah, so it must be import­ant right? Regard­less. With a com­bin­a­tion of online tools provided by Flickr and BigHugeLabs, I man­aged to cre­ate this lovely, inspir­a­tion­al image of one of my mini Daschunds, Heloise. Hug […]

  • Pownce just doesn’t do it for me

    Maybe I’m a doof, but Pownce just isn’t ringing my bell.  Sure, it’s a cool social media applic­a­tion. It allows file shar­ing, net­work­ing, link shar­ing, and event coördin­a­tion, but it might be just too late for me. I’ve already estab­lished a pro­file on Twit­ter and Jaiku. I marry them togeth­er through the magic of RSS and a […]

  • Linklist — July 30, 2007

    Social Media theme today: Nice social media primer and roundup of import­ant social media sites — Begin­ners Guide to Social Media Chris Prillo on Social Net­work­ing — What is Social Networking? Tech­nor­ati Tags: Social Media, Social Net­work­ing, Media, Tech­no­logy, Com­mu­nic­a­tions, Web

  • Linklist — July 29, 2007

    It was the week for giv­ing back: 5 Power pro­moter tips for new media — (via Bry­an Per­son) The gift of giv­ing — Chris Gar­rett ( Tech­nor­ati Tags: links, social media, pr, com­mu­nic­a­tions, blog­ging, blog

  • Linklist — July 27, 2007

    Add these to your web devel­op­ment toolkit — Two Tools for Pol­ish­ing Your Web Pages Con­sid­er­ing the busi­ness uses of Twit­ter? — A white paper by Jim Horton PC World’s July Anti-vir­us soft­ware roundup: Anti-vir­us soft­ware: Grisoft AVG 7.5 Anti-Vir­us Pro­fes­sion­al Edi­tion7/16/2007 The least-expens­ive pro­gram we tested, AVG has aver­age over­all mal­ware detec­tion, the worst pro­act­ive […]

  • Linklist — July 26, 2007

    Not your dad’s Ray­Bans — The Aloha Exper­i­ence — a cus­tom­er ser­vice depart­ment that ‘gets it’. It’s Law. it’slaw. — slaw On loy­alty and employ­ment — Your Employ­er Owes You Nothing Seth on the next niche for work­ers — Com­munity Organ­izer Jobs Word­Press geekout alert — Word­Press: Dynam­ic Sub-Page Navigation Prac­tising safe blog­ging at work — […]

  • Listen to me. How to convert your blog post into a podcast.

    Lately I’ve been explor­ing a few pod­cast and text-to-speech ser­vices. I’ve found an inter­est­ing com­bin­a­tion of ser­vices that let me make my posts listen-able and down­load­able — even set them up to be part of your reg­u­lar pod­cast scrape. This is a great way to review your favor­ite blog­ger, when you’re not able to have […]

  • The essential Palm Pilot file manager — free!

    I like free. I also like great applic­a­tions that work as expec­ted, espe­cially when they’re free. Suf­fice to say, I like Palm Com­mand­er. Palm Com­mand­er used to be a com­mer­cial product, but the author has gra­ciously decided to give it away…so you will need a regis­tra­tion code to activ­ate it. Just fol­low the activ­a­tion link […]

  • It’s time to go back to the moon

    I can­’t say it bet­ter, so I’ll quote: Because it’s the 38th anniversary of the moon land­ing, that’s why. 38 damn years, people. There ought to be a Star­bucks up on the moon by now, and a bunch of tour­ists exper­i­en­cing the chal­lenge of sip­ping a vente latte in one sixth G. …John Scalzi Tech­nor­ati Tags: […]

  • The cow strikes back

    Those wacky and won­der­ful artis­ans at have done it again. You may remem­ber my effer­ves­cent com­ments on the super-cool Moo cards. Well, the folks at Moo are shak­ing the Cham­paign once again. This time with a little book­let called Moo StickerBook. And, to sweeten the pot, they’re writ­ing off the ship­ping for orders in July. […]

  • Does a Creative Commons license trump Facebook’s TOS agreement?

    An inter­est­ing dis­cus­sion is hap­pen­ing in the blo­go­sphere right now con­cern­ing the one-way dir­ec­tion of con­tent into Face­book. Dan York and Chris Brogan both raise val­id con­cerns about the need to be a Face­book mem­ber in order to view redir­ec­ted or repack­aged con­tent through the portal (Face­book). Ah, but wait, if you aren’t a Face­book […]

  • Now this is cool: Vancouver police use Second Life to recruit

    The Van­couver Sun is report­ing that the Van­couver city police depart­ment will be using Second Life to recruit: At the real-world cam­pus, research assist­ant Joanna Robin­son, 26, sits in front of a com­puter and nav­ig­ates her avatar through the school, into the lec­ture hall. Inside the meta­verse she meets a VPD officer who is set­ting up […]