Month: January 2008

  • The colour of the city…

    Every city has its own col­our scheme, influ­enced by the loc­al flora, fauna, ter­rain and dom­in­ant architecture.  The Wal­rus delves into Cana­dian city col­our with this inter­est­ing col­lec­tion of palettes derived from pro­vin­cial cap­it­als and the fed­er­al capital.  For each city, I had to centre on what makes it unique, such as prom­in­ent land­marks or […]

  • Can’t get Guitar Hero III for the Wii? Frets on Fire will ease your pain.

    My wrists are cramp­ing. The key­board was not designed to be used like this, but I’m hav­ing a blast! Damn you Frets on Fire! I’ve been look­ing for­ward to get­ting Gui­tar Hero III for the Wii since before Christ­mas. But, as any­one not liv­ing under a rock will know, GH3 has been sold out every­where […]

  • Online Photo Albums made easy — Video

    Once again the video wiz­ards at Com­mon Craft make the com­plex seem easy. Online Photo Shar­ing in Plain Eng­lish is simply that. Well done, and Enjoy! And as you can tell by the little wid­get in the right hand column, I’m a flick­er user 🙂 [youtube=] Tech­nor­ati Tags: Video, Pho­to­graphy, Online, Backup, Tools, Shar­ing, Social […]

  • Logitech G15 Keyboard upgrade (v1 — v2)

    After a lengthy email exchange with Logit­ech cus­tom­er sup­port (star­ted Octo­ber 22, 2007), I’ve just received my replace­ment Logit­ech G15 key­board (affil­i­ate link). The key prob­lem (par­don the pun) was that the black paint on a few of the keys was wear­ing off, allow­ing the back­light­ing to shine through obscur­ing any key let­ter­ing. This key­board was […]

  • Alberta Winter on the Desktop

    Happy New Year. I’ve been hav­ing more fun with Pho­toshop and with my new Wacom Bam­boo draw­ing tab­let, and decided to share the fruits of my labour. Here’s a new 1280 x 865 win­tery-themed image, taken one frosty morn­ing out on the trail near the Waska­hegan trail at the Cook­ing Lake-Black­foot Recre­ation Area, just east […]