Month: July 2008

  • The things you see outside a Mens club

    I caught this shot as we were driv­ing by Dia­mond’s in Edmon­ton. Snap­shot was heav­ily col­our cor­rec­ted as the shot was totally over-exposed.

  • Bag Open. Cat Out. Internet in danger! OpenDNS to the rescue?

    Your ISP may be vulnurable to the Multi-Vendor DNS Issue. Here's how to tell, and a simple fix you can do to protect yourself.

  • Merging domains — important things to consider when you feel the urge to merge

    photo cred­it: Kev­in Steele A friend recently asked me for a bit of advice regard­ing mer­ging two cor­por­ate domains. Two organ­iz­a­tions, with sim­il­ar or com­pli­ment­ary lines of busi­ness are now one. What to do about the left-over web­sites. A quandary. Below I’ve out­lined 6 areas to con­sider, but I’m get­ting ahead of myself. I guess…

  • WordPress 2.6 is out — and you’re using it now.

    photo cred­it: purple­lime It was a fairly pain­less update (thanks to the Word­Press Auto­mat­ic Upgrade plu­gin), but there were a few quirks I’ve had to address: Avatars. WP 2.6 has much bet­ter sup­port for Avatars (images used to identi­fy authors of com­ments). But, my theme does­n’t nat­ively sup­port them so I’ve had to main­tain use…

  • LinkedIn explained for the common folk!

    Every time someone asks me to explain why I use and pro­mote Linked­In, it seems I have a good 15 or 20 minute con­ver­sa­tion com­ing. Then they invari­ably want to check out my pro­file and see who I’m Linked­In to. Now I’ll just point them to this excel­lent Com­mon­Craft video. Simple, easy to under­stand, and enter­tain­ing. And…