Month: August 2008

  • A fast and fun way to mockup almost anything

    Online Mockups…easy! Part of the reg­u­lar web devel­op­ment cycle is the user inter­face mockup. I’ve worked with many dif­fer­ent tools includ­ing Google Sketch­up and Adobe Pho­toshop to build rep­res­ent­a­tions for clients. But noth­ing has been as quick, easy, and fun as Bal­samiq Mockup, and online (and desktop/offline) user inter­face mockup tool for PC, Mac and Linux. […]

  • Lesson learned: Relying on one of anything is bad (Gmail Down)

    Well it’s been just over a year since this post was writ­ten, and Google’s Gmail is down again in a most sig­ni­fic­ant way. Looks like folks on Twit­ter are pretty vocal about it this time too! And it seems that this post is still rel­ev­ant, sadly. I’ve re-opened the com­ments on this one as some […]

  • I love mashing technology! (freebies)

    Moo + Linked­In = Free Busi­ness Cards I’ve writ­ten before about Moo (cards & stick­ers) and Linked­In (the busi­ness social net­work), but this is the first time I’ve writ­ten about both in the same post. Short story. Moo is let­ting you make 50 of their beau­ti­ful photo-enhanced busi­ness cards for free! It’s really mashup2 Moo itself is […]