Month: September 2008

  • Mini-Book Review: A Case of Exploding Mangoes

    Yikes! This is waaay over­due (sorry about that) The Mini-Book Expo concept is simple, yet I man­aged to blow Rule # 4: Blog it. * Post some­thing about the book with­in a month of get­ting it So, without fur­ther ado, here’s my mini review! Title: A Case of Explod­ing Mangoes Author: Mohammed Hanif Pub­lish­er: Ran­dom House (Canada) […]

  • 3 Top Tools To Tame Twitter

    photo cred­it: Thomas Hawk As Twit­ter moves into its more mature phase, a num­ber of Twit­ter util­it­ies have emerged, some good, some not so good. I’m an early adop­ter and a daily Twit­ter user and have exper­i­mented with many Twit­ter tools over time. Please feel free to  fol­low me but without fur­ther blath­er, here’s my […]

  • Google Chrome: a quick look and how to block ads with Privoxy

    photo cred­it: Randy Zhang Google Chrome is no Fire­fox (yet). For the last week and a bit, off and on,  I’ve been using Google Chrome (Google’s new entry into the browser wars). On the 3 XP-based sys­tems I’ve used it on, I’ve found it to be very fast, very effi­cient, and stable. Pretty good per­form­ance for […]