Month: August 2009

  • Snow Leopard makes me switch to Windows XP

    Last week was full of excite­ment by Macin­tosh fans as Apple released the new update to the OSX oper­at­ing sys­tem — Snow Leo­pard. I was inter­ested and took a look at the buzz and the busi­ness side of the release in a post over at the Future Shop Techb­log. Then I rolled up my sleeves […]

  • Launching a photoblog

    I’ve been want­ing to do this for a while, but had­n’t really had a val­id reas­on to ‘get me going’ on it. Until now, and the recent vaca­tion my wife and I took to Quebec. is the URL of the pho­tob­log that’ll con­tain images, gal­ler­ies and posts. Sounds like any reg­u­lar blog right? Well, […]