Month: September 2009

  • Cool & free Space Race icons

    I found these nifty free icons while surf­ing this morn­ing, and am think­ing they’re the per­fect com­ple­ment to some of my space themed desktop images I use. If you’re inter­ested, here a quick list of my desktop image posts: Atlantis on the sun — desktop Earth­rise — desktop And check out these icons at The Icon Fact­ory. […]

  • Revisiting my 5 favourite iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch applications

    It’s been almost six months since I picked up my iPod Touch and pos­ted about my 5 favour­ite iPhone & iPod Touch applic­a­tions, so I thought it’d be time to see if they’re still my favour­ite, and if not, which are now. Here’s my pre­vi­ous picks: The iTunes Applic­a­tion Store Flight Con­trol Ever­note Google Apps Safari And […]

  • How to make a Polaroid from any digital image

    Even though Polar­oid instant cam­era and film packs are no longer being made by the Polar­oid Cor­por­a­tion, you can get that same look on your digit­al pho­tos with Once upon a time you had to manu­ally cre­ate these things in Adobe Pho­toshop or GIMP. Not any more. Basic­ally, Rol­lip takes your image and does some […]

  • The top three URL shorteners for ReTweets

    If you use Twit­ter at all you know that tweets really are the essence of tight-writ­ing, since you’ve only got 140 char­ac­ters to work with. If you’re plan­ning to include a link to oth­er web con­tent or leave space so that oth­ers can retweet your tweet, your char­ac­ter count drops further. Sav­in’ the tweet, one […]

  • Sponsored post — Lunchster helps you organize your lunch dates

    The fol­low­ing is a sponsored post, com­mis­sioned by Lunch­ster, via Izea. Though this is a paid post, the words and ideas below are mine. Hook­ing up with friends for lunch has always been a bit of a chal­lenge for me, and I’ve always been look­ing for a way to make it easi­er. I don’t often write […]

  • Best music player ever gets an update

    I caught Song­bird’s updated (back in June) but had­n’t paid atten­tion to what was new with it. I wrote about the pre­vi­ous update here and loved the fact that Song­bird finally got watched folders. Well, it seems that in this latest update there was one sig­ni­fic­ant new fea­ture (for me). Song­bird added an Equal­izer. This is […]

  • How to use a webcam as a home security camera

    Over the years as I’ve acquired vari­ous bits of hard­ware, I’ve some­how ended up with a few ‘extra’ web­cams. Not really want­ing them to lan­guish in my parts bin, I figured I’d take a stab at set­ting them up as home secur­ity cam­er­as. And, I wanted to check out what my dogs were up to […]

  • Lucky with sunsets lately

    Over the past few days I’ve been test­ing out a cool device, the Eye-Fi SD card. It’s a cam­er­a’s memory card that uses Wi-Fi to upload pho­tos to your net­work, or a web­site. I’ll have a full in-depth review in a bit, but for now, just know that it’s a neat device 😉 UPDATE: Sep.15.09 — […]