Month: February 2010

  • This is the week that was

    A few inter­est­ing things are leav­ing the online envir­on­ment soon, IE6 (with help from Google) some Gmail Labs can­did­ates, and Win­dows 7 RC beta… …more This post is an excerpt from one of my weekly posts on the Future Shop Techb­log. Check out the full post here.

  • How to easily edit home video with free software from Microsoft

    Back in the day I used to be a news video­tape edit­or. This was before cam­er­as were digit­al — think back to the days of VCRs, Beta and VHS. Yep, that was the media of the day to record music and video. That was called Analog. The reas­on I bring that up is because edit­ing […]

  • Spaceward Ho! Sort of.

    Back in the day on the PC, Mac, and even Amiga was a cool and sar­cast­ic little exploraton and exploit­a­tion game called Space­ward Ho! Today, you can down­load a Mac and Palm OS ver­sion of the game from the developer­’s site, which is cool if you’ve got those plat­forms. But what if your port­able gam­ing […]

  • Lets Go Canada!

    Ok, so it’s not an Olympic poster, it sums up the sentiment. I grabbed this shot while tour­ing the museum dis­play area at the Cit­adel over­look­ing Que­bec city and the Plains of Abra­ham this past summer.

  • 3DTV — Back to TV as an Event

    Back when TV was new, watch­ing TV was a fam­ily event — not the ubi­quit­ous always-on atten­tion sink it is now. Fam­il­ies made plans to gath­er before the small glow­ing box and be enter­tained in a new way. It seems that everything old is new again as 3DTV tech­no­logy begins hit­ting the mar­ket­place. …more This […]

  • This is the week that was

    Google recov­ers on Buzz, Apple bans stuff, and Microsoft is all about Win­dows 7 Mobile. …more This post is an excerpt from one of my weekly posts on the Future Shop Techb­log. Check out the full post here.

  • Damn those are pretty…

    Earli­er this week NASA release the first series of images from the WISE (Wide-field Infrared Sur­vey Explorer) project…and they are hot! Since WISE began its scan of the entire sky in infrared light on Jan. 14, the space tele­scope has beamed back more than a quarter of a mil­lion raw, infrared images. Four new, pro­cessed pic­tures […]

  • Ubiquitious Wi-Fi when travelling makes me awesom-er!

    In an earli­er post I dis­cussed how Ubi­quit­ous Free Wi-Fi makes me Awe­some; and after re-read­ing that post recently, I decided it need an update, hence this post. A couple of the things I’ve been doing of late relate to people work­ing, trav­el­ing and using Wi-Fi to help them stay con­nec­ted to the office, home […]

  • Social media and the power of influence

    If you’ve been fol­low­ing me or this blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a huge social media fan — it just seems like the right medi­um that makes online com­mu­nic­a­tion easi­er. But one subtle aspect of social media is that it’s a very slick con­duit for word of mouth mar­ket­ing, pro­mo­tion, and advert­ising […]

  • Go Go TomTom!

    I’ve been a GPS and in-car nav­ig­a­tion fan for years…mostly because I can­’t nav­ig­ate my way out of a wet paper bag, so my wife’d have you believe 🙂 Which is why when I was giv­en the oppor­tun­ity to take a look at the TomTom GO630 nav­ig­a­tion sys­tem, I jumped at the chance. …more This […]

  • This is the week that was

    Buzz. Yep, the week was dom­in­ated by pri­vacy issues, stalk­ing, and buzz. …more This post is an excerpt from one of my weekly posts on the Future Shop Techb­log. Check out the full post here.