Month: August 2010

  • iPredict: some new stuff from Apple on Wednesday.

    Once again we’re on the cusp of Apple’s annu­al Fall ‘event’. Over the last few years it’s been focused on Apple’s vis­ion of music, enter­tain­ment, and the hard­ware tech­no­logy needed by us, the con­sumers, to real­ize that vision. So in two days, Septem­ber 1, we’ll know what that vis­ion of the future looks like. But […]

  • This is the week that was

    Well then, it must be back-to-school sea­son, as the tech kids are all get­ting rest­less, buy­ing new things, and pre­par­ing for the run up to the hol­i­day sea­son. Oh, and Apple is plan­ning some­thing rather large for later this week… …more This post of is one of many I pub­lish weekly at the Future Shop Techb­log. […]

  • Save the world! Play Games!! [Video]

    It seems that gamers are an untapped prob­lem-solv­ing resource. In this TED talk video, Jane McGo­nigal, one of the “20 Most Import­ant Women in Video­gam­ing” accord­ing to Gamas­utra, explains how this is so.

  • One month with an iPad; some thoughts

    I’m two days shy of my first month with my 32GB 3G/WiFi iPad, and it’s time that I take a moment and jot down my thoughts about it so far. On band­width. Frankly I’m rather sur­prised at my band­width usage. My iPad is with me every­where, every day. I use it to keep in touch with […]

  • Offline Life.

    The title of this post refers to some­thing that is kinda ali­en to me. Yet, it shouldn’t be. For the last 20 years or so, my life has been online, in one form or anoth­er. Yes, I’m a digit­al nomad, liv­ing in a digit­al world, con­fused by those who insist on stay­ing offline. As more people […]

  • This is the week that was

    From fam­ine to feast! Last week’s dearth of tech dirt has giv­en way to this week’s pleth­ora of var­ied news. Read on, gentle read­er, read on… …more This post of is one of many I pub­lish weekly at the Future Shop Techb­log. Read more of my stuff here.

  • One way to Get Stuff Done [video]

    Anoth­er Fri­day and anoth­er video — this time deal­ing with time man­age­ment and organization. The video details how the fine folk at BlueSky­Fact­ory like to organ­ize their day and their work­load. Not exactly my cup of tea — I’m cur­rently exper­i­ment­ing with the Pomodoro sys­tem described by Tris Hus­sey on his blog. But it is […]

  • Ouch.

    Earli­er today I saw the latest cov­er of Rolling Stone. An awe­some cov­er fea­tur­ing two vam­pires and a human. Naked. Check out the real magazine cov­er as the image I’m using can’t do it justice. Yet, it’s not the pro­gram but the pro­gram­ming that is the key… …more This post of is one of many […]

  • If it’s everywhere, is it special?

    Once upon a time, not too long ago, in the lat­ter part of the last cen­tury — say the 60’s and 70’s, con­sum­ing media was clumsy and cum­ber­some. It seemed that you had to make a spe­cial appoint­ment with your hard­ware to listen to the latest band or show some friends your latest pho­tos. You […]

  • This is the week that was

    Holy frack what a bor­ing week!! Must be the middle of sum­mer when most of the tech-jock­eys are hanging out at the lake. Really bor­ing stuff ahead…skip this post. You’ve been warned 🙂 Pass me a beer… …more This post of is one of many I pub­lish weekly at the Future Shop Techb­log. Read more […]

  • i(pad) of the Tiger [video]

    This video made the rounds earli­er this week but was (I thought) cool enough to hang out here too. Remake of Sur­viv­or’s clas­sic Eye of the Tiger, with all the instru­ments replaced by their digit­al coun­ter­parts liv­ing with­in the Apple iPad App ecosystem. ipad + “Eye of the Tiger” from Jordan Hol­lender on Vimeo.