Month: September 2010

  • Turning science fiction into reality. How cool!

    A few years back my wife intro­duced me to an enter­tain­ing book called Earth­web; a sci­ence fic­tion nov­el set in the near future. The book intro­duced to me a couple of inter­est­ing con­cepts that are just being real­ized in our daily life today — the first is that of a social cur­rency or rat­ing sys­tem […]

  • Spending good money on nothing, it’s not a new concept.

    Dis­clos­ure: I’m involved with an organ­iz­a­tion that has vir­tu­al goods and cur­rency  — and yes, you can exchange real money for vir­tu­al goods in it. The vir­tu­al eco­nomy is heat­ing up. GigaOm reports that Face­book Could Make $250M From Vir­tu­al Goods Next Year; make money from stuff that isn’t tan­gible. Stuff you can’t hold in your […]

  • This is the week that was

    Last week was busy, this week less so. Yet there still was news, includ­ing a severe Face­book out­age and a Twit­ter hack… …more This post of is one of many I pub­lish weekly at the Future Shop Techb­log. Read more of my stuff here.

  • Protecting your tech

    When ever I get a new tech device, espe­cially one that’s small, port­able, and has a dis­play screen, I imme­di­ately look to pro­tect­ing that screen and device. I’m kinda clumsy at times, and any­thing that can pro­tect my hard­ware from *me* is a worth­while invest­ment. I dropped my iPod Touch down the stairs last year, […]

  • Desktop, mobile or web app?

    Twit­ter is in the midst of rolling out it’s new, all-encom­passing inter­face, and I’ve been able to take a look at it in ‘pre­view’ mode. My ver­dict: quite nice, but it won’t replace desktop twit­ter apps for me, just yet. Tweet­deck and See­smic Desktop both offer great­er func­tion­al­ity than the new Twit­ter interface. Though I’ve not […]

  • My iPad steering wheel mount

    I’ve writ­ten before about using the Joby Gor­illa Pod flex­ible tri­pod as an iPad desktop stand, but today was inspired to use it as a tem­por­ary steer­ing wheel mount while wait­ing to meet someone. Yes, due to an appoint­ment schedul­ing issue, I was 45 minutes early so had a bit of time on my hands. Damn flex­ible […]

  • This is the week that was

    A lot happened last week — so much so that my usu­al week­end post was delayed. But, just in case you’d missed some of the more inter­est­ing things that happened last week — here ye be! Ya Harrrrrrr! New stuff happened this past week — new Twit­ter, Boxee, IE9, Face­book com­pet­it­or, and more! Oh my! …more […]

  • Portal 2: Cute video!

    Yeah, after play­ing Portal through a few times, both on the Xbox and the PC, I was happy to see that Portal 2 will be arriv­ing on shelves in the new year. If this video is any indic­a­tion, it’s going to be quite fun — espe­cially with co-op mode.

  • This weekend get your Space Geek on!

    Sat­urday Septem­ber 18th is first Inter­na­tion­al Observe the Moon Night, fall­ing con­veni­ently before Inter­na­tion­al Talk like a Pir­ate Day, but I digress matey, arrr. Inter­na­tion­al Observe the Moon Night is about get­ting out­side in the cool even­ing air and tak­ing a look at the biggest celes­ti­al object with­in a few mil­lion miles: The Moon. And […]

  • 4 Reasons I’m looking forward to Halo Reach

    Yep, it’s out today (at 00:00 hrs tech­nic­ally), and no, I don’t have a copy, yet. My wife and I have been big fans of the Halo fran­chise since we star­ted play­ing it co-op on the ori­gin­al Xbox years ago when it came out. Multi-play­er was nev­er our thing, but co-op, now there’s fun. So yes, I’ll […]

  • Android, Blackberry or iPhone? Which is right for you.

    Earli­er today I dropped in to the CityTV’s Break­fast Tele­vi­sion set to chat about the three main types of data phones. Basic­ally we were look­ing at the data phones, and the types of people who each type of phone is best suited for — or not suited for 🙂 Here’s my notes from the early morn­ing chat: […]