Month: April 2012

  • Final flight of the shuttle Enterprise as it arrives at its new NYC home [Video]

    Rid­ing atop NAS­A’s mod­i­fied Boe­ing 747 car­ri­er air­craft, NASA’s drop-test art­icle – the not quite an Orbit­er Enter­prise – flew to the New York area on April 27, 2012. It’s final home: the Intrep­id Sea Air and Space Museum.

  • New smart Wi-Fi Router review — Linksys EA2700

    Since the last time I looked at home Routers, home net­work­ing has got­ten more com­plex. These days, folks are hook­ing up almost everything to their home net­work, either wired or wire­lessly: game con­soles, audio sys­tems, tab­lets, hand­held gam­ing devices… the list goes on. And older routers have occa­sion­ally been cranky when mix­ing brands and types […]

  • Norton Identity Safe — a personal online security suite

    In this increas­ingly secur­ity con­scious online world, con­sciously prac­ti­cing online secur­ity is becom­ing more and more dif­fi­cult. How many of us use the same pass­word, or set of pass­words for many of our online activ­it­ies? Or look have soft­ware license keys stored in ran­dom loc­a­tions? And have yet anoth­er browser app or plu­gin to help […]

  • Macintosh Java malware has mutated!

    Over the last few weeks we’ve read that hun­dreds of thou­sands of Apple Macin­tosh com­puters run­ning OSX have become infec­ted with the Flash­back tro­jan, which is a type of vir­us that could, through a hole in Java secur­ity, infect your Mac and con­nect it to a bot­net of over half a mil­lion oth­er Macs. And we’ve also read that […]

  • Adobe Creative Suite 6 Kicks!

    If you’re doing any­thing at all cre­at­ive with your com­puter, you’re likely aware of the excel­lent suite of cre­at­ive tools from Adobe (coin­cid­ent­ally called the Adobe Cre­at­ive Suite). Well earli­er today, Adobe announced a huge upgrade to the suite, Adobe Cre­at­ive Suite 6 — CS6 — which con­tains a lot of new fea­tures to all products […]

  • Powering your devices while on the go — Morphie Powerstation review

    Earli­er this year, I atten­ded SXSWi (South by South­W­est inter­act­ive) and immersed myself in social media, gami­fic­a­tion, and tech­no­logy. Oh yeah, there was the odd party or two 😉 Being that this was my first time in Aus­tin, I relied heav­ily on my tech­no­logy to keep me on sched­ule and help me nav­ig­ate this unfa­mil­i­ar city. Using […]

  • Love Skyrim? Love creative music videos? Then this video’s for you!

    So, I’ve been watch­ing the amaz­ing work of Peter Hol­lens for a while now, both through Empire Aven­ue and his You­Tube chan­nel. And this Skyrim theme cov­er is some of his best. And yes, I’m writ­ing about it because it hits a few areas for me, multi-voice tracks, video gam­ing, soundtracks. Oh, and it also […]