Month: May 2012

  • Review: Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Control (iOS version)

    The Griffin Beacon uni­ver­sal remote con­trol is an inter­est­ing device. It’s a little bit lar­ger than an Apple TV2 (or a hockey puck if that’s closer to your frame of ref­er­ence) but it’s got an odd, Zen-like IR ‘stone’ on the top that’s where the con­trol sig­nals come from. Not your every­day IR blaster. On […]

  • Viewing the Solar Eclipse from Edmonton this evening?

    There’s a great ‘sim­u­lated’ pre­view of what you can expect to see over at And do check out the awe­some resources that Dr. Phil Plait (@badastronomer) has cur­ated here: Eclipse fol­lowup part 2: tons o’ links on how to safely watch

  • Review: Logitech Harmony 900 Universal Remote Control

    All things in life, as with the Force, have a Light Side and a Dark Side. The Logit­ech Har­mony 900 Uni­ver­sal Remote Con­trol has both. A bit of a background I have a his­tory with Logit­ech Har­mony remotes and cur­rently own a Logit­ech Har­mony 720. I’ve always found them chal­len­ging to pro­gram and set up. As […]

  • Got to get your Guild Wars 2 Beta Fix?

    Last week Aren­aNet announced they’d be run­ning a brief ‘Stress Test’ for of their upcom­ing (and awe­some) Guild Wars 2 MMORPG. It starts in a couple of hours, and is only going to run for part of the day, today. And, it’s only open to people who have pre-pur­chased Guild Wars 2 and registered their […]

  • New smart Wi-Fi Router review part three — Linksys EA4500

    This post will wrap up my three-part series the latest offer­ings from Cisco / Link­sys. If you want to check them out, part one looks at the Link­sys EA2700, part two looks at the Link­sys EA3500, and today we’ll take a boo at the Link­sys EA4500, the top of the line entry in the EA-Series.

  • Using your Android or iOS tablet as a second monitor

    As we’ve seen pre­vi­ously (The more screens, the bet­ter — Our guide to mul­tiple mon­it­ors ), hav­ing more screens to dis­trib­ute your desktop across can be a huge bene­fit to your com­put­ing experience. And as you’ll have noticed in the title, if you’ve got a tab­let, you can even bring it into the mix, as long […]

  • New smart Wi-Fi Router review part two — Linksys EA3500

    This week we’re going to look at the second router in my three-part series on the latest offer­ing from Cisco / Link­sys, and for this post we’re going to step it up a notch with the Link­sys EA3500, tar­geted at folks with slightly more soph­ist­ic­ated net­work needs. If you haven’t read my pre­vi­ous post on the EA2700, […]

  • Guild Wars 2 Open Beta Weekend Overview

    There are those who eagerly anti­cip­ate online gam­ing events. And then there’s the rest of the world. I kinda fall into the first category. This past week­end I par­ti­cip­ated in such an event — the first Guild Wars 2 open beta test. Basic­ally it was two and a half days of fresh Guild Wars good­ness! But first […]