Instructable: Arduino Keyboard Joystick Extender Box and Sound Controller Thing Using Deej

Update Jan. 23, 2021: Looks like the Joystick circuit has failed as it no longer toggles the Mute function. Well, I wasn’t too happy with the initial wiring job so this may be an opportunity to update that.

A while ago I developed an interest in Ardu­ino micro­con­trol­lers, and this is my first ‘actu­al’ project.

It’s a box that sits adja­cent to the key­board and lets me con­trol the out­put volume of vari­ous applic­a­tions before they reach the speak­ers or head­phones. Also the input sens­it­iv­ity of a microphone.

Most of the magic is achieved through Deej, an applic­a­tion that sits in your task bar and con­trols the Ardu­ino inside the box.

For more detail on my build, check out the Instruct­able.



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