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  • Engine Start

    Little bit of crop­ping, little bit of col­our pro­cessing, little bit of Tilt Shift. All done on the iPad. I used Cam­era­Bag, Tilt­Shift­Gen, and PhotoPal. Fun with iOS apps 😉

  • On the radio…

    Earli­er this week I had great fun! CBC Edmon­ton­’s Peter Brown (who reg­u­larly hosts the after­noon drive-time pro­gram Radio Act­ive) inter­viewed me for a series on Edmon­ton blog­gers and pod­casters called E‑Pinion. We chat­ted about this blog, what got me into blog­ging, life­style tech­no­logy etc. And I men­tioned my Mom a couple of times too. For […]

  • Saving the Internet, one plugin at a time

    Well, a few posts ago I men­tioned that I’d taken steps to speed up this blog. Here’s a Ping­dom response time graph show­ing how fast slow this blog was, before I pulled a few plugins. And here’s what it looks like today. So, accord­ing to these res­ults, the blog is faster. And what I’d done was­n’t […]

  • Are faster blogs more Google friendly?

    Per­haps. And if you’re look­ing to be found by Google, you want to do everything you can to make sure you’re not doing things to make the pro­cess harder. A month or so ago, Google announced that they’re rank­ing sys­tem would take page-load speed into con­sid­er­a­tion when determ­in­ing how to present search res­ults to vis­it­ors. […]

  • Everyone’s a winner

    It’s been a bit longer than I’d wanted, but I’ve finally got­ten to wrap­ping up my first blog con­test. The premise was simple; tell me a backup hor­ror story and you could win a Click­free Trans­former SE backup sys­tem. And some of you did tell me some pretty good stories. Here’s some excerpts: On Ver­sion­ing: […]

  • Fat lady sings. Winners announced soon.

    Thus endith my first blog con­test. And a very cool ride it was. My good friends at Click­free, a Cana­dian backup tech­no­logy com­pany, agreed to provide the prizes (Click­free Trans­former SE) for a blog con­test chal­len­ging folks to provide there best (or worst I guess) backup hor­ror story. I’ve received some rather good entries. Check out the […]

  • Journalism and Big Media challenges for the future

    Last night I happened to catch the CBC Radio pro­gram Ideas. They were play­ing the 2009 Dalton Camp Lec­ture in Journ­al­ism delivered by ex CBC Journ­al­ist and cur­rent Wiki­me­dia Exec­ut­ive Dir­ect­or Sue Gardner. After a bit of an intro­duc­tion, she gets to the real meat of the mat­ter — how the busi­ness mod­els are work­ing […]

  • The view out my window

    Daily I work in a cube, except for today. As you can see, I’m in my ‘away’ office, yet still connected. And yes, I am work­ing. Through the won­ders of tech­no­logy, I’m crank­ing out the copy, send­ing the email, edit­ing the text and photos. This is Life­style Tech­no­logy at work. Wifi enables me to be […]

  • Write a comment, win a prize!

    I’ve been a fan of Click­free backup sys­tems for a while now. Drop­dead simple and effect­ive for most home usage. Well now the kind folks at Click­free have giv­en me the oppor­tun­ity to share the love, so to speak, in the form of a con­test, my first, in fact. All the gory details are here, but […]

  • Social media and the power of influence

    If you’ve been fol­low­ing me or this blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a huge social media fan — it just seems like the right medi­um that makes online com­mu­nic­a­tion easi­er. But one subtle aspect of social media is that it’s a very slick con­duit for word of mouth mar­ket­ing, pro­mo­tion, and advert­ising […]

  • Four solid tech-news sites I use regularly

    Back in the early days of blog­ging, before pod­cast­ing and Twit­ter and all this new fangled stuff, there was a trend amongst blog­gers to occa­sion­ally do posts about the sites that have all the cool tech list­ings and news, as well as the cool people behind the sites. These days, on Twit­ter, that kind of a […]

  • Brad’s first blog contest — backup horror stories

    And we’re done. I’ve received some excel­lent entries in the Backup Hor­ror Story con­test. Give ’em a read below, and feel free to add your com­ments too. And of course, feel free to share your hor­ror story too, but sadly, this con­test is closed.  Wel­come to the first (of hope­fully) many con­test I’d like to […]