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  • I will vote Oct. 19. Will you?

    Every so often we have the abil­ity to influ­ence the future. Oct. 19th, Cana­dians will have that oppor­tun­ity, if they choose to. I will be vot­ing for a change of gov­ern­ment. This one has failed repeatedly and has not earned my trust for anoth­er term. So yes, I will be vot­ing on Octo­ber 19th. Will you?

  • Found my boarding pass. Next stop, Mars.

  • Testing a new plugin suite — Shortcake Bakery

    Short­cake Bakery uses the Short­cake plu­gin and extends use of Word­Press short­codes. Makes embed­ding con­tent in my blog pretty easy.   [face­book url=“”] The above video link from Face­book via the Short­cake Bakery. Last week, Daniel Bach­huber and the engin­eer­ing team at Fusion releasedShort­cake Bakery, a plu­gin that extends the Short­cake pro­ject to sup­ply a […]

  • Google Photos — another one joins the club

    This weekend Google unveiled their new online image storage service - Google Photos. It's not Picassa, though it can use it. It's also separate from Google+. Interesting. Meh. I'll stick with Flickr. Here's why.

  • I guess I have to relearn physics

    Kerbal Space Pro­gram left beta status yes­ter­day. With that update came a num­ber of sig­ni­fic­ant enhance­ments, changes and new features. And they changed aero­dy­nam­ics and physics. Yup, Jeb died on reentry. Back to the basic mis­sions to fig­ure this out.

  • When the Stars Align

    Today was a pretty nor­mal day for the most part. Took Selena in for a quick checkup vet vis­it. Went to work and audited an advanced Excel class (that I’ll be teach­ing soon). Reg­u­lar, nor­mal stuff. Except when you apply a ‘space’ lay­er to the day. Driv­ing home from the clin­ic with Selena, I heard Go! — a very […]

  • A Classic Dungeon Crawling Silent Auction — for charity!

    Thanks to the kind friends at Beam­dog I’m able to up the ante for incent­ives to my spon­sors of my 24hr game-a-thon par­ti­cip­a­tion in Play4Paws2 — sup­port­ing CaliC­an Res­cue Found­a­tion. Butt Kicking, for Goodness! Bal­dur’s Gate. Bal­dur’s Gate II: Shad­ows of Amn, Icewind Dale. These games hold a spe­cial place in my heart. I was at […]

  • I like that I can update the image on our digital thermometer

  • It’s about rescuing the ones you can.

    Many of you know we sup­port and foster for CaliC­an Res­cue. This short video helps explain why.  

  • Goodbye Apple. Hello Alberta School of Business!

    I guess it’s about time I men­tion it broadly, rather than simply hint at it or just let a few folk know. As of the end of the month, I’ll be leav­ing my very cool and amaz­ing world-class fam­ily at Apple retail and join­ing the team at the Alberta School of Busi­ness at the Uni­ver­sity of […]

  • WeeklyBeats7 — Cold Night

    Cov­er for my latest sub­mis­sion to Weekly­Beats 2014. Wanted to go for an atmo­spher­ic sound again, some­thing more ambi­ent. Maybe this worked. Maybe not, but it came out as a com­plete unit. Also tried stick­ing to a small ‘band’. In this case used instru­ments from SampleTank: Blue Phaser elec­tric piano, Xpander Phat synth pad, Cos­mic […]